12th Symposium of the Mitochondrial Section of KSMCB and KSMRM Workshop
장소 : 울산 UNIST 날짜 : Friday, December 10, 2021
제12차 KSMCB 미토콘드리아분과 학술대회 및 KSMRM 워크샵
12:00 ~ 13:10 Registration
13:10 ~ 13:20 한진 Opening Address (대한미토콘드리아연구의학회장)
13:20 ~ 13:30 김홍태 Welcoming Address (울산과학기술원 생명과학과 학과장)
Session 1 Chair Speaker Mitochondria in Biology and Medicine
13:30 ~ 13:43 이승재 송민호 (5’) Interactive relationship between creatine metabolism and mitochondrial energy metabolism
김정태 (8’) Targeting creatine metabolism slows the development of dextran sulfate sodium induced colitis in mice
13:43 ~ 13:56 이현승 (5’) Effect of salivary exosomal miR-25-3p on periodontitis with insulin resistance
전경문 (8’) Skeletal muscle mitoribosomal defects are linked to bone loss by T cell-mediated bone marrow inflammation
13:56 ~ 14:01 박규상 (5’) Mitochondrial Phosphate Carrier Participates in Vascular Calcification
14:01 ~ 14:30 강병헌 (5’) TRAP1 regulation of mitochondrial protein homeostasis
김소연 (8’) Function of mitochondrial HSP90 in tumor micronenvironment
박혜경 (8’) ROS dependent HIF-1α/CypD negative feedback promotes hypoxia-induced cancer metastasis
윤남구 (8’) MitoQ inactivates mitochondrial chaperone TRAP1 by interacting with the client binding site
14:30 ~ 15:00 (30’) Coffee Break
Session 2 Chair Speaker Physiology and Metabolism
15:00 ~ 15:29 강병헌 이승재 (5’) Molecular genetic dissection of aging and immunity
권수정 (8’) Male Caenorhabditis elegans exhibit enhanced anti-bacterial immunity via upregulating TFEB/HLH-30
김시은 (8’) A ribonuclease that promotes longevity by cleaving age-dependently accumulating circular RNAs
이종선 (8’) PELO and SKIV2L, key regulators of non-stop decay and no-go decay, are required for preventing cellular senescence
15:29 ~ 15:34 김형규 (5’) Cereblon: Promise and challenges for combating human diseases
15:34 ~ 16:11 김형석 (5’) Regulation of cell identity in metabolic organs
박정선 (8’) PAX4 R192H mutation impairs β cell function by affecting endocrine cell differentiation and proliferation
이현규 (8’) Identifying the mechanism of the loss of cell identity in mouse model
김태강 (8’) Mitochondrial dysfunction induces loss of beta cell identity
김균후 (8’) Role of serotonin in beige adipogenesis
16:11 ~ 16:20 (9’) Closing Remarks (대한미토콘드리아연구의학회장)