Academic events
Conference Outline
The 14th Conference for Korean Society of Mitochondrial Research and Medicine
The 11th Symposium of the Mitochondrial Section of KSMCB
Titles for oral sessions follow,
1. Molecular aspects of mitochondria and diseases
2. Mitochondria in inter- and intra-cellular communications
3. Presidential lecture by Professor Minho Shong
4. Recent progress on mitochondria in biology and medicine
5. Mitochondria as clinical focal points
Mitochondria are essential for various physiological processes, including cellular energetics, metabolism, signaling, apoptosis, cell cycle, differentiation and aging. Mitochondria are also emerging as focal points for medical research, because their defects are implicated in many human diseases, ranging from metabolic to neurodegenerative diseases. At our meeting entitled “OVERCOME: Ongoing Voyage of Exciting Research Communications On Mitochondrial Enigma”, researchers will share and discuss the most recent and exciting knowledge of mitochondria in biology and medicine. The meeting will be held as an online (for audience) and offline (for presenters, moderators and organizers at Grand Josun hotel, Busam) hybrid format from 9 AM to 5 PM on Friday, October 8th.
Topics of posters include,
Mitochondrial biology: metabolism, biogenesis, electron transport chain, TCA cycle, mitophagy, mitochondrial DNA, organelle communication, proteostasis and quality control, omics, calcium signaling and cell death Mitochondria in medicine: metabolic disease, neurodegenerative disease, genetic disease, preclinical models, biomarkers of disease progression, drugs, molecular therapy
Date: 2020.10.08(Tue)
Official language: Korean
Co-Organized by
Cardiovascular Metabolic Disease Center of Inje University, Yonsei University Wonju College of Medicine Mitohormesis Research Center
Organized by
Korean Society for Mitochondrial Research and Medicine(KSMRM), Mitochondrial Section of Korean Society for Molecular and Cellular Biology(KSMCB)
Important Dates
Pre-registration Due Date: 2020.09.25(Fri)
Registration Deadline:2020.10.07(Wed)
Abstract Submission Deadline: 2020. 09.25(Fri)
Poster Submission Deadline: 2020.10,07(Thurs)
Registration Fee
Category Pre-registration(till Sep 25), Registration(till Oct 7)
Student 50,000 Won
Professor/Post Doctor and Researcher 100,000 Won
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