Welcome Message
Jin Han, MD, PhD
Kyu-Sang Park, MD, PhD
ㆍPresident Korean Society for Mitochondrial Research and Medicine
Dear colleagues and friends,
On behalf of the organizing committee,
I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your active participation and contribution to the Korean Society for Mitochondrial Research and Medicine (KSMRM).
It is a great pleasure to announce that the 17th Conference of the KSMRM will be held on September 21st ~ 22nd, 2023, at the Oak Valley Resort, Wonju, Korea.
The goal of the annual KSMRM conference is to introduce cutting-edge knowledge of mitochondrial research and to provide a platform for young scientists to interact with other researchers. Your participation through exchanging ideas and in-depth discussions will be a great contribution to the success of the KSMRM 2023.
The organizing committee will try to make it a memorable, scientific, and social experience. I look forward to seeing you at the KSMRM 2023.
Yours sincerely,
Dear colleagues and friends, Yours sincerely,